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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Study Week!!!

salam n hye there!
juz a simple entry
entitled : Study week, hihi

Study Week,
No more classes,
No more lectures,
Study week is what we have got,
So, no wonder library has became a hot spot..

Study week oh study week,
No more movies,
No more games,
Juz study n read the books and lecture notes..

Final exam is juz around the corner,
study hard, study smart, Fini.
Dean List, Dean List
(jangan lupa berharap lagi)

Aim higher!
Dream in Color!
Stand a little taller!

source : internet (mr.google)


Faizul Osman said...

memang comel je wish tu... nak copy boleh!!!

FiNi Pelangi said...

Sila la,. bukan milik peribadi pun, huhu

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