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Friday, April 8, 2011


-Hye there..

-Going to tell U a story..

-SCAM.. Juz a simple word, made up by 4 simple letters,. Even it's juz a simple word, but I never thought of what it means, until sumone asking me like this: 'What the meaning of SCAM?'.. I asked, 'apa?',. Oppss, sorry, got a hearing problem wif a word dat was rarely heard,. haha, my bad..

-Then, he spelled the word,. (S.C.A.M),. He used this way,. S(saya), C(cayang), A(awak), M(manis),. Hahaha, how sweet,. I asked him to repeat again, coz I need to adjust some word,. oppss, demand plak kn?? :):).. He spelled again,. S(saya), C(cayang),but i changed it to 'cinta', A(Awak), M(manis), i converted it to 'manja', sje nk mngada lebih.. wink2*,. So, SCAM was stand 4- saya cinta awak manja,. hahaha,.

-To be clear, scam is a clever and dishonest plan 4 money making,. ish2,. bru skrg sy tau,. kalau yg tu tak mnanya td, mmg sy tk cri apa mknanya, hahaha,.
-Motif nk cite sume ni?? hahaha, ni kn blog sy, sy ada hak nk tntukan post apa yg sy nk tulis, huhu,. n yg lbih pnting, nk ckp yg ni: was taken by him, haha,. so, yg lain, tk payah la nk mcuba lg ye, n stop stalking me.. rimas,. Sekian, terima kasih,. :):)



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